Dropped Coverage

Coverage Status

Subjects on the way out of Frogbase, and areas of planned future coverage.



Dropped Coverage

  • Community Search Engine/Directory/Portals - Oversaturated. Hyperseek remains the standing recommendation for those wanting to get in the mix.
  • E-mail Newsletters - Still viable for exsisting subscription base. Not recommended for new campaigns.
  • E-mail Marketing - Ummm... no.

Future and Partial Coverage Areas

The following coverage areas are currently in development or planned development for the near future.

  • Technical Writing
  • Web-Related Legal Services - Copyright, Digital Rights, Legal Copy Writing,
  • Web Business Accounting
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Other Creative Talent - Actors
  • Groovy (programming language)
  • Merb (Framework)
  • Open Social


More Frogbase Coverage Areas